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Process Tomography Ltd (PTL) was established in 1994 and specialises in the design and manufacture of electronic instrumentation for measuring very small values of electrical capacitance at high speeds. In particular, we manufacture Electrical Capacitance Tomography (ECT) Systems and multi-electrode capacitance sensors for imaging and measuring the concentration profiles of a mixture of 2 dielectric fluids. Over the last 16 years, we have supplied this equipment to many academic and industrial research organisations throughout the world and we are the recognised leaders in this technology. We also work closely with our associate company Tomoflow Ltd., which has developed cross-correlation multiphase flow measurement and analysis systems and sofware based on our ECT measurement technology

We are a small highly-professional company and can respond quickly and flexibly to requests to supply modified or specialist equipment or to requests for consultancy work related to our innovative capacitance measurement technology. We discuss all potential applications of our technology in detail with our customers and will not sell you any equipment unless and until we are convinced that it will be suitable for your requirements.

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The following links are for use by existing PTL customers:

Multiplane ECT Sensor Manual

Download IU2000 software installation file



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Process Tomography Limited
64, Courthill House
Water Lane
United Kingdom

Phone/Fax +44 (0)1625 418722


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