The TFLR5000 ECT and Flow Analysis measurement system


Against the general background of economic gloom throughout 2009, we successfully completed the development of our new high-speed TFLR5000 Electrical Capacitance Tomography and Flow Analysis system. Please click here for further details. We can also supply ATEX-certified versions of this equipment, where the measurement electronics is integrated inside the sensor housing.


The performance of our new ECT system is generally 10 x better in most respects than its predecessor and sets new standards for measurements using Electrical Tomography. It can effectively measure complex permittivities over a range of excitation frequencies and has a measurement resolution around 10aF (one aF = 10-18F). We would like to thank everyone who has helped to make this development possible, including our colleagues at Tomoflow in the UK and at Super-Computing Systems in Switzerland. We are now taking orders for this new technology and have already supplied the first set of equipment to a major UK University.


We are continuing production of single-plane versions of our previous industry-standard PTL300E ECT measurement systems and we are offering these as a one-off eductational package at a very attractive price for a limited period until stocks are exhausted. Please click here for further details.


All of our current software has been tested with Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system and operates correctly when run in the Windows XP compatible mode.   


After the major development activity of the last few years, we shall now be concentrating on  consolidating the knowledge and experience gained into supporting our new range of world-leading Tomographic Measurement technology.


We have put some important new items on our web site as follows:


1. Fundamentals of ECT. This is Volume 1 of the current TFLR5000 Operating manual and contains a detailed and comprehensive overview of ECT technology, including Capacitance measurement, Image reconstruction and Sensor design techniques. Click here for details.


2. Demonstration version of our ECT32 software, which  allows ECT images to be calculated and displayed using a variety of image reconstruction techniques, including iterative and regularised methods. The software is used with sample capacitance data files generated for a range of ECT applications. Click here to download this software, together with the ECT32 User Guide, which gives full instructions  for using the demonstration software with the example data files.


3. Special Offers. We have a number of previous generation PTL300E ECT systems for sale at bargain prices. Click here for details.


Please contact us ( for further information about our full range of ECT and flow measurement and analysis technology.


Last update: January 2010